“He told me all that I ever did.”

“Many Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony, “He told me all that I ever did.” 40 So when the Samaritans came to him, they asked him to stay with them, and he stayed there two days. 41 And many more believed because of his word.” John 4:39-41


I remember having to put together a sermon years back for a class project and I choose the woman at the well.  Such a familiar story, but as I began to study I saw the reality of this scripture.  Here was this scene of a scandalous lady with five husbands and a lover to spare, and Jesus calling her out.   I had always read it as if I were watching this scene from afar, but that time I read it and realized I was the woman at the well!  That my past and present was littered with sin and Jesus came exposing the sin, not to shame me or call me out but to set me free. His intention was not to get her good by airing her dirty laundry, He wanted her to know that He saw all of her , all the dirt and still wanted her to know who He was.  Our stories are no different, He wants us to know He sees us all and that it doesn’t scare Him, it doesn’t send Him running or turning in disgust. He knows He has the power to transform it into a life lived for His glory.  He can transform our past and do incredible things with our future. 

All that was on my mind as we headed to Chichigalpa with the interns to meet a group of women , who were looking for a different way of life. They are tired of what they feel like they have to do in order to survive. We know the name of this profession but it’s something I didn’t even want to associate with them or their identity. As we began to talk they opened about their hurts, their abuse, and what they hoped to do instead. I loved seeing the common ground as women , our hearts hurt the same, and we long for such similar things in the depths of our souls.  It was an incredible moment to not see the label of their current profession, but to just see these women, these beautiful women.  I think what touches me so deeply about the woman at the well, is that Jesus saw her and saw all of her. Her past and present , combined with her heritage as a Samaritan woman was overwhelming reason for many to keep walking, to not see her.  He saw all the more reason.  As we talked to these women, they told us how many refused to help them because of their current job , it was said, “Well this is different, because it’s being done in and through the love of Christ.”  How very different He is , He doesn’t just stop by chance to reveal himself to those who are cast out, He seeks them out.  I was blown away at the ways He weaved His love into the conversations the next couple days, how we’d be discussing jewelry classes and sewing classes and somehow He would show up in the middle of the conversation.  In a way that wasn’t forced but so natural, and in such a beautiful natural way the Gospel was laid out.  We had the honor of seeing  the salvation of one of these beautiful women.  I gush over them because the Lord has filled us up with his heart for them and His heart adores them.

     So on August 18th we get to get to see these women start  a new trade, a new way of life. While relationships are built and we count on that Jesus to show up in the midst of those conversations with these women He loves so much. It’s just one of the many things He has built through using these incredible interns we’ve had this summer.  It’s been a hard summer, painful even in so many ways, yet I have seen more than ever the Heart of my most trusted Father . He has made hard decisions this summer for our ministry, some we can’t even begin to understand.  Yet more than ever I trust this King who sees me. He sees me, in all my fears and failure and wants me. Like He wanted the women at the well and these precious women.

see who has created these stars..

It’s pretty funny how many times I start this blog , get halfway through and then start completely over. This one was no different, I started to write about something completely different and then last night something the Lord showed me just seemed worth sharing. Since we got back to Nicaragua, we ‘ve had the water go out about every other day and the power go out a few times as well.  In the midst of eating dinner and working on things our power once again went out. With the heat the best option is to wait it out on the roof top where you catch the breeze.  With the whole cities lights cut as well as our own you were able to see the most ridiculous display of the stars. As I was just enjoying it I thought of two things. 1. Had we not been stripped of electricity , I wonder if we would have even notice this gorgeous display, or would we be busy working on something  or preoccupied with other things inside the house. I just found to be such an example of many things we’ve been through and have yet to come on the other side of.

The Lord has in the past stripped us of things, and in the moment like when our power goes out, we don’t know the reason. Even Now there are things that He is doing that I don’t get the reasoning behind. But I look back when He has done it before, and I see that what He stripped us of, pushed us into a place to new revelation of Him. It revealed to us a gorgeous display of His Glory that we would have missed had we not been stripped of those things .  I love in simple moments , like looking at the stars, my sweet Father reassures and teaches me. He is so kind in leading us , when we cry out not understanding things or confused in how He leads. He doesn’t get mad at me for the confusion or frustration, but gently in simple quiet moments reminds me and teaches me through the sweetest ways. He is so perfect.

My second thought was of the verse that says

Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these stars, The One who leads forth their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, Not one of them is missing. Isaiah 40:26

I wish I had a picture to show you the display of these stars that spread across the sky. Too many to count, and not close to how many stars there actually are,yet He has every single one of them named .  He acknowledges every single one.  He takes note of all of His creation. Every movement that goes on in the earth and heavens He sees.  And in moments when we feel unnoticed, forgotten, confused, He sees us . When we have pain, He sees and feels pain with us. When we have moments of victory , He sees and rejoices with us. I’m just so grateful to be in a relationship with a God , as mighty , holy and powerful as He might be , He is present in every moment, every feeling , every loss and every gain that I experience. He sees me. He knows me. What a precious gift that is beyond humbling.

In this life of constant ministry I think it’s easy to get used to saying words about the Lord and get kind of numb to them.  I don’t know if people would admit that but it’s true. So I love when the Lord pulls me aside from the busyness and reawakens that wonder of Him, and the wonder that this incredible God ,this God of all creation has chosen, not forced to, but chose to have a relationship with me. This King who has sacrificed himself in so many ways for that relationship , and wants to use me through His power that others might come to know that same wonder of His love. Oh I am grateful. I am grateful to have the chance to share that with the people here. So many here know the name but not the nature of God. They’ve been taught rules to follow. So many have no clue of the grace , the love, the kind of Father  He is . And the women we’re here for , who have been abused , lied to and made to feel like nothing. Oh to tell them how much Jesus has talked about them to us, has sent us out for them. To tell them the passion of His heart for their freedom, for them to know His love. I can’t wait to tell them  and for them to get to stare up in that sky and feel that same wonder I did last night. It’s why we’re here. That wonder of how He loves us ,fuels us to reach to others, that they may know He loves and sees them too. It’s just too good to keep it to ourselves .




We are the clay , you are the Potter..

 “Lord do it in a way that when people see our ministry, they know that only you could have done it” 

About 4 years ago this was a prayer or something close to it that we prayed as we started in on building this Ministry. If i’m honest there are times I wish we didn’t. I love the amount  glory the Lord gets from it, however  the reality of what that looks and feels like at times can make you regret it .  You see, for this to be done in a way  that only the Lord alone could get the glory, means people have to see that it couldn’t have been us. It means our weakness is on full display and it means we constantly coming up against impossible situations that in our weakness can’t get out of or around. God alone has to move us forward. And He has done just that , time and time again through out these years

There are other prayers i’ve prayed that I had no idea the reality of, like “Lord make us faithful, as you are faithful.”    How can He can teach me that without putting me in circumstances to be faithful to Him and what He has called me into?  My newest one that I’m feeling the reality of is ” Lord make me steadfast as you are steadfast.”  I can’t even begin to name the amount of times when I have felt and so dearly appreciated the Lord’s steadfastness. It has been when I was totally confused in everything, in struggles, in pain, or when I had totally screwed up. The fact that He stood with me  unchanging, steady, steadfast , it has kept me from spiraling out, it has kept me walking through painful times into victory and has given me security in my most insecure moments. The point being that His steadfastness was displayed in hard times , when things around me were unsteady. So how must He teach me to be steadfast?

In realizing the reality of these prayers, I’ve so often lately thought of that Image of  our God , the Potter.

But now, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

He knows how to mold the clay. He knows the degree of the fire to seal in what He is making us into.Although there are moments I wish I didn’t pray those things, times when I just want to stay as I am because it’s less painful, i’m so grateful He doesn’t leave us as we are.  I’m grateful that He isn’t afraid to let us endure pain for something He knows our souls want. Something we were created for, to be like Him and to know Him. I’m learning how to lean into that trust of the Potter , to be content in being the work of His hands. I’m learning to trust Him to mold me in  whatever way He desires, knowing His desires and ways are more beautiful than I could ever dream of. He is so worthy of our trust.

Thats whats on my brain today as I sit looking out at the city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua, wondering how the Lord is going to move us forward in many areas and accomplish what He has called us to. The beauty is as He is teaching me how to be faithful and steadfast, He already is , and is letting us lean into His steadfastness as we walk forward. So don’t be afraid to pray those prayers, they may hurt sometimes, but are so incredibly worth it. For the more He molds us in His likeness, the more we’re able to know Him more, and that is worth ANYTHING  we have to walk through.

~ Sammie


“The Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants , to love the Lord your God with all your hear and with all your soul, so you may live.”

Deuteronomy 30:6 



I lean not on my own understanding..

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5


I have started , stopped and started over on a new post a million times in the past few months.  To recap the last few months is hard to do in a single blog post. But I can surely try . It seems like a good time seeing how our ministry had it’s very long awaited grand opening of our coffee shop. A place where discipleship , the Gospel and restoration we ‘ve prayed will flow. Not to mention helping support  our ministry we’ve been called to, in so many different ways.  I write this sitting in that said coffee shop, and it seems surreal. I think about us months ago,  working in what looked like a disaster zone from 8am to most times till midnight with our team to renovate. I think of the  many moments when it just felt like the load to get it done was too much,that we had the timing wrong,  that we had misheard the Lord and some who looked on i’m sure thought the same.

But how kind the Lord was to give us encouragements to keep moving forward. However, as we did,we faced a wide spread of attacks and barriers , trials and tribulations. That combined with  feeling the stall of our return back to Nicaragua ,  put us all in a time of deep searching for the Lord’s voice. It brought us back to a place of total submission,  bringing to the alter all our dreams, hopes and desires , many the Lord himself had revealed, and laid them once again at His feet. In an attitude of ,” Your will be done” and really meaning it.  Sounds real simple when written out , but it was painful , messy, and so many days for me started on my face crying out for His direction,His clear voice, but in all honesty many days clamoring to have the way I thought was right. The response mostly was a silent presence. He was close but silent, except for one verse that seemed to come up many times in the last few months for me.

For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.But you were unwilling, Isaiah 30:15

So as the days have slipped by we have found the Lord’s grace leading us into that quietness and rest. Turning our unwilling hearts to return to what our one true calling is, not Nicaragua, but to Glorify Him. To do what He leads us to do when and where He leads us to do it. To rest in His love and display it anywhere He has us. I have seen so many relationships built, opportunities for discipleship ,deep pruning, so many sweet blessings and 6 lives rescued  out of trafficking that we would have completely missed if we had gone with our own timing. He is perfect in all of His ways and all of His plans, if we would only return, lean into Him and truly trust Him . With all that said , as we submitted taking our clasping hands off our plans, we watch the Lord make a way for us to return back to Nicaragua with so much more than we left with.  So I encourage those of you reading , in the midst of struggle, confusion , and not grasping the plans the Lord has for your life. Believe His Word of His deep love, of His plans to use you . The oldest game of the enemy is to make us doubt the way the Lord feels about us, so we would in turn doubt His leading. He wants His glory in your life and He wants you to be apart of His mission to see many know His great love. Keep pressing on, for He cares for you, He sees you,  He hears you, and oh how He loves you.



Labeled a Lie…

Sometimes I wonder if the Lord Jesus walked among us in the flesh today, where He would be most of the time? What church He would attend? What would this generation think of Him in the Flesh? Most of the time I come to the conclusion that it would in many ways be no different than  it was when He walked upon this earth. He would have quite a few words for some in the church, as He did the Pharasees. Some would call Him a lunatic and others a heretic although He would preach truth. What I love most is that He would still be found among the poor, the diseased, the thieves, the prostitutes, the lonely and the rejected.  Those cast out by society were His chosen company. How glorious He is.

That thought process was stirred up again as we spoke of the people in this city with some precious missionaries, who were so gracious to pour out their wisdom and encouragement to us. They began to tell us how prostitution works here. Pimps are not legal though prostitution is, so mostly you find women working in groups. They even told us of a group in another town that had a madam, who, strangely enough, took care of the women. She even seeks job skill training for the women who get too old to be wanted for that kind of work. These women have families and children.  It broke my heart through and through when I learned that they wear badges to identify themselves as sex workers.  I thought,”Oh how the Lord means to be about them.”

Since that dinner, The Lord keeps bringing these nameless and faceless women to my mind, who are in such a state of desperation to provide, and such little value of themselves they give away their bodies.  A meal on the table for her children, so very costly.  A cost we have never come close to paying, because we’ve never experienced that kind of desperation or destitution.  But to think that every night, every single night she pins a badge to her chest, declaring a name over herself. A name that is a lie.  A name that she probably feels every hour of every day. The Lord wants each of those women to know their true name, their true worth, and true work He has created them for. I feel that they will not always be nameless and faceless, but that the Lord is weaving things together that we may be woven into the lives of these women. To come to them as our sweet Jesus would approach, to pursue genuine relationships, to love them dearly and extend such genuine grace and love that they may ask, “Why?”  And we will not reply with a why, but a Who!! The Precious Savior is the answer.  He is well able to cover a multitude of sins, restore families, heal what has been broken and rebuild what has been destroyed. The same One who took us , labeled by our own sin and shame, giving us new names as His children, as well as new purpose of bringing him glory!

You know what I love is that our Lord Jesus is still present, though not in that same fleshly body of long ago, He lives in His people and drives them to the same places and people He went to. He uses us to prepare the way and reveal the Glorious One. I feel so continually humbled by the work He has given us. Because you see, it’s Him who does the work!  He is so kind to let us have small roles, to invite us in to what He has been doing, and to give us an front row seat to His glory.

I ask that those who are following us in this journey to please pray over these women. Thats where we are starting. This afternoon we’ll begin praying on the grounds of a hotel thats whole business is hosting the women and their clients. Pray for the men as well. So broken from the Sons of God He intended, but His grace is enough to save them. We believe it.

For me I’m praying specifically that those precious women would trade in those badges full of lies and let the Lord pin upon them their true, intended name described in Isaiah 61:3, “..So they will be called Oaks of Righteousness planted by ADONAI, in which He takes pride. 

I can’t help but think of the samaritan woman, considered a half breed as a samaritan, and a soiled woman because of a scandalous past. Jesus saw her as one He desired to give grace to, and He made her one of the first evangelists of the Good News! I believe He intends to do it with many of these women. Destroying their label of lies and giving them a new badge, being His ambassador of His Good News!

We pray many more would join us in this vision the Lord has planted deep in our hearts to see the men and women He desires call sons and daughters step out of the darkness into His marvelous Light!


Daughter of the Transforming King

I will choose the way of Trust..

       Years of planning, long nights of praying, and lots of waiting… here we sit in Nicaragua. Here, we sit among the people the Lord has made our hearts burn to share His glory, His grace, His great Gospel. Yesterday made it exactly one month being here. That month honestly has felt like a year. The Lord seemed to have set it as a time of preparation and pruning. He MADE us lay down next to green pastures. It was a time of being virtually cut off from our old lives, old relationships, and a time of stripping away any last bits of self-reliance we retained. It has been a hard and glorious month of coming into complete surrender of the King of Kings. There’s a piece of scripture I have read almost everyday in being here that sums the month up pretty well…

“I’m melting away from anxiety and grief;

Renew my strength, in keeping with your word

Keep deceitful ways far from me

And favor me with your Torah

I choose the way of trust

I set your rulings before me

I cling to your instruction

Adonai don’t let me be put to shame

I will run in the way of your commands

For you have broadened my understanding.”

  • Psalm 119:28-32

I have chosen the way of trust, is the words He reminds me to cling to every day. We have chosen the way of trust. We have chosen to cling to HIS instruction though to some it looks like foolishness, our God calls it faithfulness. We long to be faithful to this faithful God. So every morning I write it out to remind myself, every step I take, I must chose for myself in my mind, my heart, in my words and actions, if I will, I chose again the way of trust. We chose the way of trust when we boarded that plane, with little money, but we had His command to go! We keep choosing it when we long for the familiar, and we’ve had to choose it over and over again as we have felt the weight of our need for provisions, yet watched Him make us wait. Have we doubted, hurt, wept a little or felt anxiety crawl up? Surely, and I’m grateful for David’s words in psalm that says the Lord can handle all of those things. Yet He so kindly and firmly has lifted us back up, reassuring us that this is not some human dream of foolishness as some may think, no it is a dream of the Almighty God that He put in motion years ago. As I’ve told many, the best part of God’s dreams is He is limitless in power and resources to make them happen but as we have found He does so in His time, His way. He is in charge of this dream, this calling He has asked us to carry out. This plan of His will not and cannot be thwarted. He has sons and daughters here that He plans to rescue, restore, transform, and disciple.

Among all of what we have felt in the past month, what has never been lacking is the Faithfulness of our King. Our understanding of Him has certainly been broadened, and that is worth everything.

This month has also been filled with precious new relationships. It became a tradition, that as early as he was able our little 8 year old neighbor Jose Renee, would come bounding straight in with a shy smile but lots of energy ready to be spent playing with the Faulkner kids, and we could bet that later in the day we’d see another shy smile waiting more discreetly at the gate, his 18 year old Aunt Estella. By the end of the day our yard would be filled with most if not all of the kids on our street. They would show up early and many times be joined with us around the dinner table. They don’t know a word of English, and we are daily striving to build our spanish, which right now sounds like broken words strung together. Even with the barrier of language I’m grateful that we all know how to play a game of soccer, smile, laugh, and share meals together.

IMG_0532 IMG_7915

Right now we are learning how to share the Gospel mostly without words. We don’t know what they know of our sweet Jesus, but as I walked Jose to our gate at the end of one of the days spent with us, I asked him in my broken Spanish if he ever talks to God. He instantly smiled that shy smile and replied “no.” Oh how I wish I had more words banked away to tell Him of this King that longs to hear from him, who made his life, who is alive and loving him! We will get there..


As we start into our second month, we start into a new season. Through circumstances we couldn’t understand at first , The Lord saw fit to move us into the nearby city of Matagalpa. So we’re close enough still (once we have transportation) to continue relationships and continue to share more of our Jesus with our sweet friends.

What’s to come?

We are continuing to lay the groundwork of this ministry the Lord has laid upon us, that many would come to know Him, be discipled, and many captives set free! We continue to deepen relationships made and make more. We daily come to Him asking, “ What would you have us do today?” He has already opened so many doors through relationships we could have never made on our own. Relationships that will be unbelievable help in establishing ministries to transform lives, and seeing victims rescued. The Lord has surely confirmed His work for us here, but only ask that we would do the work of trusting Him and be obedient in how He leads even when it doesn’t make sense to others. So as we wait to see it all unfold we joyfully choose the way of trust, we will rise each day killing our flesh that rising up against this path and keep walking forward. We are excited about the days ahead, to see many set free, but most of all to make much of our Lord.

So continue to pray for us as we keep taking these steps trusting in His provisions, as He continues to prune us, prepare us and pray for our new precious friends. We are praying that all our brothers and sisters in Christ would continue to step forward in the way of Trust towards our Trustworthy King.


The True Braveheart

Since I was about 13 The movie brave heart has been my absolute favorite movie . I think it was the utter courage, determination and bravery shown within the movie that made me love it so much.   It still remains one of my absolute favorites. And even though our family is suppose to actually have blood ties that lead back the famous brave-heart William Wallace, I personally don’t have much in common with him. However as we walk foward in this calling we keep hearing this phrase ” You guys are so brave.” And even though people mean well those kind of phrases they make us sick to our stomachs or laugh at the notion. Why? Because we know who we really are. We aren’t Brave, at least for me I can truly say I’m not. So all that is being done, the glory alone belongs to the Lord. You see all of this is in motion because of Jesus and has nothing to do with how we are.  For me personally the phrase “You are so brave to be doing something like this” literally makes me laugh .

I in my own self am not a brave person. It’s not something that is a natural thing for me. Some people their personalities are outspoken and run towards things.That is not me, never has been. Growing up bees buzzing around me could scare me and send me screaming. When I was a teenager, I rarely spoke up in groups that grew larger than 3 people. I was terrified of what they might think of me or what I would say wrong, so I made my words few , out of fear . I stayed away from any kind of leadership as a youth and even as I got older , because that scared  me too. Some that know me know might claim thats not how they know me to be. But you see thats Jesus.

As I grew to love the Lord , He would guide me straight into my fears holding my hand,defeating them, going  into the depths of them , commanding me to begin to  speak up, lead, jump before having a safety net. It’s not so much that He taught me to be brave but that He taught me to obey His voice, and to trust Him to carry me through.  He has been training me up  to lean heavy into The ultimate Brave heart, Jesus. You see He is the brave One, who came and gave everything up , everything to come and take back His people. He was brave enough to love people who He knew would never love Him back, Brave enough to love those who would fail Him constantly. He is brave enough to use the weakest of us to carry out the most incredible things that HE dreams up and accomplishes. So if you come telling us that we are brave , amazing ,and  so courageous, please don’t be offended by our cackling laughs :). Because we know who we are , and it is not our bravey that is moving this forward but the strength of the Lord. We must tell you the  truth , that we are merely weak sinners loved dearly by this Brave-heart . It is Him doing all the work in us and through us. It is He who deserves the honor and praise.

No one should be in awe of us giving up everything to follow Christ. What else is the response when the King of the Universe who has chosen to love me so intensely despite my mistakes, who  has taken me from a life of death headed to hell, and brought me to eternal life spent in intimate relationship with the Holy of Holys. How is it brave to give this wisp of life in turn for the Eternal One subjecting himself to confines of a human body, to be spit on , beaten by His own creation , so that He might save them. How can we not say yes to whatever He asks of us?  We should be in awe of all this not because we are giving up things to move to Nicaragua and spread the Gospel. We should be in awe of My Brave-heart King Jesus who risked it all so all may know him , we should be in awe that He would use weak sinners to accomplish such incredible things.

I say all this not to shame anyone who has ever thought missionaries were brave, but just to set straight who the real Braveheart is. My Jesus. I say it to let you know that through this journey, we have been scared many times, terrified others, doubtful,  unsure, and found lacking, and we had to keep squeezing our Abba’s hand to keep walking forward. If we’re really  honest, at some points He has had to carry us like a good Daddy does when their children weak legs get tired. Right now as I have 2 days left of my job, I have His hand in a death lock, walking as He leads me. I can make those brave steps not because I am brave but because My Braveheart , My Jesus, holds my hand leading me to the other side. Things are about to get even harder, scarier and more beautiful.

just as a last thought.. What kind of bravery does it take to trust the One who is named Faithfulness and showed us it’s definition? It’s like saying we’re brave for believing the sun would come up today and provide us with warmth .

We may not be brave , but I’ll tell you what we are, we are in love with Jesus and so humbled by what He has done for us ,and we are honored that He would let us be apart of what He is doing in this World. He has plans for you as well, and you don’t have to be strong enough, brave enough, smart enough or anything else because He is enough. So grab His hand and start walking the path He has created for you to walk. OH HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD

“He makes me swift and sure footed as a deer and enables me to stride over my high places.” Habakkuk 3:19

Most often when I think of Father God, I’m relating to Him as my Protector. I love the image He creates of us peering out in safety from under His mighty wings in Psalm 91:4, or the image of Him moving alongside us, guiding us as a Shepherd in Isaiah.

“Behold, the Lord God comes with might, and his arm rules for him; behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him. He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.” Isaiah 40:10-11

Ever vigilant, He is never surprised by my circumstances.  A good Daddy, He tenderly and affectionately leads me through life.  Knowing this with all my heart, believing it all the way to my toes, why do I still quiver with fear in the face of trouble?

I read a book when I was a kid titled, “Hinds Feet on High Places.” The main character was a lame deer named Much Afraid.  The Great Shepherd took her on a difficult journey that molded her into a beautiful, brave deer, and gave her a new name: Glory.  We are on just such a journey. All of us… Not just the ones setting out for a new homeland. Wherever you are in your walk with Christ, He’s got stupendously fantastic plans for you.  Oh how I pray you’ll allow yourself to be wooed to the high places with Him.  I want each of you reading this to experience that gorgeously painful transformation process.  I’m in the thick of it, and it hurts, but I don’t have to wait for completion to see that it’s a lovely thing, and to long for others to come be changed too.

Ann Voscamp says, speaking of the Shepherd, “But He is the Living Word and His Word is a flashing, double-edged sword and He doesn’t write Himself into neat five-point outlines but He is like the wind — and He speaks in parables that subvert and poetry that ignites and metaphors that jolt and there is nothing safe or small or stiff about Him.”  How true.  My Protector is quite dangerous.  He never says I’ll always be lying down in green pastures (Psalm 23), he also says, “Get going now, but pay attention! I am sending you out as lambs among wolves.” (Luke 10:3).  His path is NOT the easy path, but I want it. Oh, I want to be done with fear, don’t you?!

He showed me this morning how to conquer my fear: “For loving God means obeying his commands. Moreover, his commands are not burdensome, because everything which has God as its Father overcomes the world. And this is what victoriously overcomes the world: our trust!  Who does not overcome the world if not the person who believes that Yeshua is the Son of God?” (1 John 5:3-5).  He reminded me of the time He said,

“In this world, you will have trouble. But be brave! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33.

By trusting the Shepherd that I love so fiercly, He promises that I can overcome the whole world, and my wimpy fears.  And that, dear friends, is how I plan to climb one step closer to my high place on this very day.

..That we should walk in them..

“She can’t read, she wants to know if you will read her something from it.”

Our translator explained as we smiled at a precious women we had met in one of the villages. We had been  trekking further and further in the nicaragun sun  to invite the women to a time of teaching and studying the Bible together. We had come upon a sweet woman who greeted us with a smile from her hammock, who invited us in. After our invitation, we offered her the Bible we had with us, she told us she couldn’t read but would we read some of it to her.  This memory came to me tonight as I thought about those precious people. I was just struck with overwhelming emotion of thinking of this precious woman, who longed to hear the words that she couldn’t read for herself.  We read her Ephesians of the Father ‘s great love and plan for her. I’m just praying someone comes again to read to her the words of Life or better yet teaches her to read them for herself.

Can you imagine?

not having the ability or the means to read the precious Word of God. We get so spoiled in it with all the various ways of access we have no idea the precious gift. I couldn’t tell you how many times we were asked for bibles. We hardly ever  had to offer, they beat us to it in asking for one. Such a hunger to know Him, to learn how to grow in Him. We don’t have a right to sit still while so many are longing to know what we know.  Does this mean we’re all on foreign soil? No of course not. The Lord is like our general looking at the full scale of the war. He places His soldiers in various places for various victories. Where have you been assigned? Have you asked ? Have you obeyed?

I’m not harping ,i promise, it’s just if we’re as crazy about Him as we claim, and can’t do life without Him, why do we act like they can?  Why are we so sluggish to get to our assignments or find out what they are. They aren’t boring assignments , they are hard but doing what the Lord has called us to do is the most gorgeous , alive thing you can ever feel.

I’m speaking from experience, by grace He has shown me my calling. Whenever I sit with girls or women, and get to share what He has taught me,revealing who He has called us to be,  to get to teach that precious Word He has taught me, I feel more alive than at any time in my life. It’s what I was created to do. It’s what I will do in many times and many places.

Last week I put my resignation in at my job. I was honestly a little terrified. You might think, wow thats great she has all her funds . Nope . I have more funds to raise. To many that sounds reckless. And I would agree if the One who told me to do it , wasn’t the King of all Creation. He has given me a new assignment, in Nicaragua. It’s not the mission field, just a different mission field. But He has asked me to do it in a specific way. So many would have a display of His glory and Faithfulness.  Me and Him have taken these scary steps before. He has always proven faithful. So I trust His voice to say “let go, I’ve got you.”

I feel the eyes of many, some excited to watch the Lord provide the funds, others waiting for the splat of us falling on our faces. Either way I’m glad for any watching so they can watch the Lord do what He is the best at…The impossible. I cannot wait to meet more of those precious women , showing them more of what the Lord has shown me, get to know them, love them, and serve them. I cannot wait to see Him set captives free in so many ways, and watch them walk into a new life in Him.  He is good. He is faithful. No matter how hard it is to follow Him, no matter how much the steps don’t make sense, no matter how crazy people think you are, know that He is always so worth giving our lives to. He is so worthy of our trust.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”Ephesians 2:10

Find our your assignments and run to them! The goods works the Lord has prepared for you to pour out your passion and gifts on. If you are already there fulfilling it, press on precious brothers and sisters for the Lord is good, faithful and coming soon!


Daughter of the Trustworthy King

“If war breaks out against me, even then I will keep trusting”

And blessed is she who believed that what was spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled. (Luke 1:45)

My words shall be fulfilled in their season (their fixed appointed time) (Greek, Luke 1:20).

    You know when you struggle in something thinking it’s an attack, and maybe it is, but suddenly the Lord shows the precious gift of it. I love that about Him, among so many other things. He takes things that one on the outside would look as bad or depressing and makes it something beautiful. In this journey, especially lately I’ve felt the weight of what is mounted up against us to accomplish what He has assigned us. I see it in peoples eyes sometimes when we talk about moving to Nicaragua or our ministry. I see the doubt, the questions, or sometimes the straight disbelief . I was beginning to get so discouraged in it but this morning as I read this scripture I realized what a precious time this is with the Lord. To have this mission He has spoken to us in the depths of our hearts, in the quiet. It’s like a secret with my Love. We know He will do it, He has spoken it so clearly to us. What a time of intimacy with Him though , so that when people speak the doubts , the what ifs, or question us , we can smile at the secret we have with our Father. Knowing the truth of what He has spoken to each of us. It’s beautiful the way He sets the stage with mountain after mountain, obstacle upon obstacle, and impossibility stacking atop more impossibilities.

You feel the pressure as they mount, see peoples doubts increase as the obstacles increase. It’s like we can feel eyes on us, some watching rallying behind, some watching expecting failure.  We can  see how insane we must look to keep clinging to a vision in such opposition with obstacles. But in the quiet I feel the same calling, the same promise, and the King who planted the dreams we are in pursuit of whispering, “keep trusting.”  And we will, no matter how ridiculous we look to keep believing, we will hold fast like Noah did before a drop of rain spilled from the sky. We’ll stand firm like Abraham in wait of a precious son.And we will keep walking forward like Moses headed towards the red sea, knowing our God is ready to split it and make a way.  It’s not a new story or a new task , the task to trust Him to do the impossible that His glory may be displayed,that more may know Him. That is the core dream of RPMI. His glory displayed and that more may know Him is what we are in a relentless pursuit of. So we keep pursuing,keep stepping forward,  keep trusting, keep believing at all cost.


Daughter of the Trusted and Faithful King